Links to published temperature series

Those interested in the original and adjusted monthly means of temperatures in Iceland are advised to check on these links:

There is no mystery surrounding the data from the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

The current version (2003) of the Reykjavík data is available at the website of the IMO (and has been for many years): 

and the Stykkishólmur series (has not been adjusted since 1975 – only updated:

and Akureyri (2003 version): 

and Vestmannaeyjar (2003 version) 

and Teigarhorn (1981 version – only updated)

Monthly values at all stations since 1949 (1961 for secondary stations) at (click on station name): 

Eariler published values are available at the website For 1924 to 1997 at: 

The text is in Icelandic but in 1925 to 1956 monthly values are found at the second page of every monthly report. After 1956 the table is on pages 4 and 6. Earlier original values are available at the same site.1920 to 1923 at: 

and 1873 to 1919 at: 

Everyone can look up the numbers and compare both adjusted and earlier published values. Most of the later adjustments that have been made by the IMO are concerned with changes in the observing hours that neccessiate slight adjustments. The methodology of the current calculation of monthly means is described in detail in: 

Exactly the same method has been in use since 1956.

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