Temperatures in Iceland - as originally published

Due to the recent confusion regarding the Icelandic temperature series I have decided to post a list of monthly temperature averages as they were originally publised in the Icelandic and Danish yearbooks prior to 1960. Later original published data are available online at the website of the Icelandic Met. Office (IMO) (see the supplementary information attachment).

This post consists of three files, the data list (original_pub_temperature_values.txt), a station list (original_pub_temperature_stat_info.txt) and supplementary information (original_pub_temperature_values_suppl_info.txt) on the data format etc. Please feel free to download the attachments (viđhengi) at the end of this post.

The IMO has calculated series with some appropriate adjustments for each individual station. The IMO generally uses the version with adjustments made on pre-1961 data rather than the present dataset. These data are available on request (trausti@vedur.is) for individual stations but the whole dataset will be made available later.

It must, however, be emphasized that the adjustments will change in the future as more information on station history and inter-station comparison will be added. One should therefore expect changes in the adjusted dataset through time.  

The present dataset (original_pub_temperature_values.txt) will remain static, except for the addition of values from individual stations during the pre-1920 period which have not yet been digitized. Readers should note that these values are available in the Danish yearbooks (see a link in the supplementary information attachment).

Please feel free to comment and if you find any errors a note will be appreciated either by filling out the comment form (see below) or by sending your questions or notes to: trj@simnet.is

The comment form [The "athugasemdir" link near the bottom of the text] is in Icelandic, but most of it should be transparent to English readers. When you submit the comment you will be prompted for your name, e-mail (netfang - essential), vefslóđ (web link - not essential) and a question: What is the sum of two numbers? Just add the two numbers (within a short period of time) write the sum in the box and resubmit. This is for the spam-filter (ruslpóstsvörn).

[Dec. 4, 2012 The comment option has a timeout - please direct queries to trj@simnet.is}

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